Meet Carl

For my 40th birthday my family framed an essay I had written in the first grade, entitled “What I want to be when I grow up?”  The answer will come as no surprise: A doctor.  What I realized between that birthday and my first years as an AMA trustee is that being a doctor is only a part of my passion and service to the medical community.  Read More

The Issues

American health care is quickly shifting. The way we practice, how we are paid, regulator and payor demands, educational and certification requirements and the varied needs of patients all contribute to an environment requiring doctors, and our AMA, to lead rather than react. We are often frustrated by other segments of the health care industry defining how we live our professional calling. We must boldly engage to preserve our professional identity and quality of patient care. Learn More About the Key Issues

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • Illinois Medical Association Annual Meeting
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED)

We Must Do Better and Lead the Change